Professional Board of Directors for MeyerBukdahl

MeyerBukdahl is a design and communications agency with considerable growth ambitions – both professionally and business-wise.

Our mission is to strengthen our clients’ relationships with customers, investors and other stakeholders, through design and communication. Our recommendations are based on a deep business insight, and a logical strategy. Our solutions have a high creative quality, and are distinct in their design.

Following the appointment of a new management team and the expansion of a new partner group among senior managers, we are seeking an external, three-person Board of Directors offering varying skills and background:

1. Experience in developing a consultancy company of similar size, within comparable industries to ours – IT, architect, management, media, CRM, or the like. Preferably as a CEO, or as a member of the Board of Directors.

2. Experience with strategic business consulting to major companies.

3. A general outlook at communication, branding, e-commerce, design etc. as a CMO, or within the media industry, media- , CRM-, or a digital agency.

Common to all interested profiles is that they have a large, relevant network for potential customers, and that they can sharpen our knowledge/business insight for the companies we work with.

If you are interested or you know someone who might be, please send an email to managing director Daniel Hofmann at