Congratulations to Genmab and Parken Sport & Entertainment!

Yesterday Dansk Industri and FSR held their award show “Årsrapportpris 2015″ rewarding IFRS-reports for companies listed at Nasdaq Copenhagen or among the 100 largest companies in Denmark. This year approximately 140 companies competed for the award.

MeyerBukdahls CEO Daniel Hofmann was among the keynote speakers opening the show with a presentation about the annual report’s stakeholders “Årsrapportens interessenter” and participated in the following panel debate.

We would like to congratulate two of our clients – Genmab and Parken Sport & Entertainment. Each won a special award for their individual annual report – Genmab won the special award “Årsrapporten på 10 minutter” and Parken Sport & Entertainment won the special award “Nedskrivningstest”.