Det gode liv - i dag som dengang

FDB Møbler was established in the 1940s to demonstrate that well-designed quality furniture could be produced at a reasonable price targeted towards a broad public. FDB Møbler had its heydays in the 1950s, but couldn’t compete with the mass-produced, flat box furniture of the 1970s . Today, 75 years after the initial launch, Coop has revived FDB Møbler and their design classics based on the same norms and values as then.

MeyerBukdahl has guided Coop through this process and enjoyed the privilege of developing FDB Møbler’s brand platform based on a thorough market- and customer analysis. MeyerBukdahl also defined the visual identity of the revived FDB Møbler and developed an online design guide as well as FDB Møbler’s brand site where customers can explore the FDB Møbler brand.

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Daniel Hofmann

Managing Director and Partner