Unfolding a new corporate strategy and visualising the business model

Falck is one of the largest service companies in Denmark. Falck's product is embodied in their employees and their ability to serve their customers. Falck’s employees come from Denmark and many other countries across all 7 continents.

In 2017 Falck´s newly appointed CEO introduced their new corporate strategy. The 2017 annual report was the first opportunity to present the new winds of change for Falck.

MeyerBukdahl introduced a total re-design for the 2017 annual report. A fresh, crisp look and feel in a digital-friendly landscape format marks time for change for Falck. A strong iconography was developed to support the business strategy together with an illustrative and comprehensible visualisation of Falcks business model. Also a detailed and comprehensive presentation of Falcks Enterprise Risk Management was implemented.

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Daniel Hofmann

Managing Director and Partner