A growth driver for Denmark and the Øresund region

As one of Denmark’s critical infrastructure assets, CPH is a growth driver not only for Denmark, but the entire Øresund region. With a large, diverse and often complicated group of stakeholders, CPH is also a company with extensive focus on responsible growth.

With its engaging design and comprehensive layout, their CSR-report serves as an easily understandable documentation of CPH’s many CRS initiatives, while acting as a valued tool in on-going stakeholder dialogue. It also positions CPH, and the numerous business partners operating out of Copenhagen Airport, as a crucial part of the surrounding business environment.

To aid on-going investor relations, the annual report – in collaboration with the biannual newsletter, CPH News – presents vital financial information to both large institutional investors and smaller private shareholders in a compelling mix of short articles, interviews and insights into what is going on at the airport.

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Tina Meyer

Creative Director and Partner