A more responsible and organic approach to property development

As part of a new strategy and business plan TK Development wanted to implement a new corporate name and identity.

The name Agat Ejendomme was derived from the agate stone, characterized by its green color. It signals responsibility and environmental awareness. The agate transformation/processing from raw stone to gemstone parallels the added value Agat Ejendomme create through their projects. The agate's many possible shapes, patterns, abrasions and facets represents the dynamic Agat Ejendomme is known for.

Agat Ejendomme´s logo is simple and trustworthy. It takes its starting point in an original modern font that is iconic and geometric in its expression. The green color also highlights Agat Property's innovative and creative qualities.

The new identity is the visible expression of the Agat Ejendomme brand, based on the company's strategy, values and personality.