3 words that describe our approach to effective design and communication.

It’s easy to achieve 1 or 2 of these 3 parameters - but attaining all 3 demands in-depth understanding, creative stamina, and a constant pursuit of effect and return on investment.

  • Relevant

    Our solutions are based on thorough business analysis and a clear strategy.

  • Distinct

    Our creative work will always make you stand out from the competition.

  • Persuasive

    Clear objectives are defined for each project. Following implementation we measure and evaluate the effect.

We operate within 3 core areas:

Brand strategy
Visual identity and design
Brand activation and communication
  • Brand strategy

    Getting to the core of your brand is one of MeyerBukdahl’s key strengths. Our market, competitor and stakeholder analyses give a complete picture of your brand’s values, positioning and point of difference – both internally within your company or organisation and externally in your market. Following our brand analysis, we explore potential directions for the future positioning of your brand, and build a brand platform supporting the most relevant and promising direction.

  • Visual identity and design

    Visual identity is a clear expression of a brand, which reflects its values and personality. MeyerBukdahl creates distinctive, credible and coherent visual communication. Our solutions are always based upon a solid conceptual understanding and a captivating brand idea.

  • Brand activation and communication

    At MeyerBukdahl we interpret brand activation and communication as branded experiences – as a series of interactions people have with your product, service, or organisation. Selecting a set of relevant touch-points, we deliver your messages to employees, investors, customers and other stakeholders, through clear, comprehensive and motivating communication.